Registrant Identification Policy

1. The Overriding Objective of this policy is that Registrars must be able, on request from the Registry, to positively identify the Registrants of domains that have been registered by them and/or are being managed by them.

2. Recognising that the interests of efficient domain registration most often includes automatic processes, this requirement does not mean that registrars must make manual checks on identity or incorporation documents before registering a domain name. However it does mean that should we (the Registry), whether on our own initiative or otherwise, inquire as to the identity of a domain name Registrant or  any Authorised Contact, you (as the responsible registrar) must be able, within a reasonable time, to provide evidence of the identity and address of the Registrant and/or Authorised Contacts, as appropriate.

3. This Registrant Identification Policy does not mandate or prescribe how you do this. We recognise that for different countries and situations the mechanisms available may differ and that various options are available.

4. If you cannot, within a reasonable time, provide the requested evidence of identity, we may suspend the domain name concerned.

5. If we find you are regularly unable, within a reasonable time, to comply with the Overriding Objective of this policy, we may suspend or terminate your Accreditation as Registrar.