Reconfirming identity

If you are a Registrant or an Authorised Contact, we need to be sure that you are whom you say you are.

If you have a self-management account, you prove this by logging in to your account. If you don't have a self-management account, we may verify your identity by comparing your email address with the one we hold for you (usually in a domain name registration record) and your responses to verification emails.

Sometimes it can happen that you forget your account name or password. Or the email addresses that are associated on the Register with a particular domain name. In that case you need to reconfirm your identity.

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, you can use this form to reset it.

Proving your identity (individuals)

In some circumstances you may need to contact us in respect of domain regisrations that are not in our self-management system, or even, in some limited circumstances, are not registered direct, but with an Accredited Registrar.

If you (or the Registrant or any of the Authorised Contacts) can receive email at an address that is listed on the Register in connection with a specific domain, this will be sufficient to allow you access to manage the registration. (There is also an automatic process to make this easy).

If you cannot be contacted (directly or indirectly) by any of the email addresses on the Register, we shall need to re-confirm your identity. This is usually done by means of a formal written and signed request from one of the persons on the Register.

We may, by agreement use other, faster, methods (such as electronically consulting company registrations or credit reference data). We might occasionally ask for copies of documents, such as passport/national ID and proof of address, but please do not send these unless we ask you to.

Proving your identity

Where a company is incorporated, or registered, it is usually relatively straightforward for us to determine its identity, as we have access to many public company records. In some circumstances, however, we may need to ask for copies of certain documents, such as a certificates of incorporation, annual returns or certificates of good standing) and/or ask for confirmation of identity for the company's authorised signatories.

Important information (incorporated companies)

On the domain name register, both Registrants and Authorised Contacts records have a name for the registrant or contact to which it relates (which is mandatory), and an organisation name (which is optional).

Where the 'organisation name' field has been left empty in any record, that record identifies the person, company or organisation whose name is in the 'name' field'. Where the organisation name has been filled in any record, that record only identifies the person, company or organisation whose name is in the 'organisation' field' and the 'name' field designates the appropriate person.

What this means, in practice, is that if there is a company name listed, the Directors or principals of the company may instruct changes to the record, even if any other person named in the record no longer works for the company. This is because the legal agreement is with the company (which, if incorporated) has its own legal existence.