Registering New Domain Names

GG and .JE names may be registered in two ways.

The recommended way is to register your name using an Accredited Registrar or, if you wish, you may also register directly with us.

Important note: You must bear in mind that, should you decide to register direct, we do not offer offer any additional services other than domain registration itself.  This means that if you intend to use the domain name,  you will also need to make your own arrangements for any services you want to use with the domain, such as as email, web hosting, nameserver hosting &c.  Direct registration is a domain registration service only.

To secure your name create a self-management account, or use a registrar.

Please also ensure that you have read our Registration Terms and Conditions since these apply to all .GG and .JE registrations (whether oyu register direct or via a registrar).