Domain Name Management

Our domain name self-management system for direct registrations is fully automated.

Using the self-management platform at MY.CHANNELISLES.NET, you may make changes to your domains' registration records at any time. Changes are reflected in the Register immediately.

You may also register new domains in real-time.

To use the self-management system, you will need to set up an account on MY.CHANNELISLES.NET (unless you already have one). You will then have to move the domains that you wish to manage into your account. (You can continue to use the previous system for any domains that have not yet been moved to self-management).

You must have the agreement of the Registrant of the domain name(s) concerned (if that is not you). We use electronic verification to confirm this.

NB: If you are not the Registrant or an Authorised Contact, you will need to contact the Registrant (or an Authorised Contact) first and either have them do this for you or add you to the Register as an Authorised Contact yourself.

Automatic Setup

If you are the Registrant, or you have already been listed on our Register as an Authorised Contact you may set up your domains on the management system automatically.

To proceed with automated setup, continue on to the next screen where you will be asked for your own name (this is free format) and a nominated email address (this should be the email of any authorised contact for the domain name(s) concerned. (If you do not know the email address of the Registrant or an Authorised Contact, you should ask the Registrant to tell you).

We will use the email address supplied to send out customised information and further instructions. Following which, we contact the Registrants of the domain names concerned and send them information on how they may automatically confirm their agreement to allow you to manage the domain(s) in your account.