Deleting Domains (Cancelling Registration)

An agreement to register a domain name via CHANNELISLES.NET is an ongoing contract, just like a mobile phone or electricity agreement. So you have to pay the Annual Fee each year until you cancel the agreement . (Cancelling the agreement and "deleting a domain" are the same thing).

Cancellations may only be submitted through our website (not by email). The way you need to do this depends on whether the domain name is on the self-management platform, or in the 'legacy' system.

If the domain name concerned is on the legacy system, you will need to complete a legacy deletion form, where you should enter one of the authorised email addresses that are associated with the domain name. (If you are unsure what they are, or you are not able to receive email sent to an authorised address, you may complete the form using your current email address and follow the instructions that will be sent to you.)

If you are using the self-management system you simply log into your account at where you will find the option to delete your domain name(s).